Who is Momma Lena?

When I began the process of working on a plan to get my eggnog pound cake into a local bakery, my food advisor, Dom Celentano, the foodpreneur brought it to my attention that I would need to come up with a name for the cake. What would I call the cake? I instantly responded by saying “it’s a holiday eggnog pound cake”. I could tell he was thinking….”ahhh grasshopper”. …Then he suggested I think about a brand, write a description for the cake and write a statement about my brand.  Although, Dom  made a good point, I was thinking to myself, all I want to do is make a yummy cake and sell them. However, I can tell, Dom is setting me up to think larger and just not think about producing one type of dessert. Thank goodness I love to bake and cook or I would be up the creek without a spatula!

As I began to think about a brand, I instantly thought about Bethenny Frankel who branded Skinnygirl. Out of the blue, she went from a NYC Housewife on BRAVO to a mogul by creating a low calorie cocktail she calles Skinnygirl. Although it is not my goal to host my own talk show, Frankel is a good example of how to create a product and brand it. I started to think of my brand and name, I instantly decided to attribute this venture to my momma, who also had an entrepreneurial spirit. The dessert line would then be named after my momma, Arlena. Many of her relatives called her Aunt Lena, hence the name, “Momma Lena”.  The logo is a design created by my graphic designer, Nuno Perdiz at The Printpost, Newark, New Jersey. He spent several hours with me, as we worked off an old black and white photo I found of my momma taken in the early 1920′s.(And yes, that’s my momma.  And yes, if you do the math, it doesn’t add up, but that’s another story for another day! :). Here’s the final product…What do you think?

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Gloria at Marlboro Inn Bake Shoppe giving her approval !!!

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