Did you know that your local grocery store may be open to the idea of working with you, if you have a food idea? I didn’t know, but it just so happen that my baker John Catelli, Owner, Plaza Pastry, Nutley, New Jersey  and I sampled various baking flour products that could be purchased at a discounted rate. Our goal, to make the cakes in large quantities and sell them at market rate.

Remember, when you are creating a food product to sell, the key element is to lock in a good price. It is important to weigh every ingredient and list the price of each ingredient. This will help you develop a winning formula to sell your food product!

After several failed attempts to produce a really good eggnog pound cake using John’s products, I just gave up and decided to visit my local ShopRite to see if they would work with me. Since I wasn’t a registered baker or food buyer, I thought this would be a failed attempt. But, as one friend said to me, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. So, I first made a call to the ShopRite, and asked to speak to the manager or owner. I was instantly connected to the store manager, who listened to my idea and gave me direction. It was very encouraging. I quickly discovered, Marc Jacquan, Manager keeps a very busy schedule. Once we finally connected, he was very open to the idea of helping me. He agreed to help facilitate a bulk order of products at a reasonable price. I also learned that Shoprite embraces local food entrepreneurs and is willing to consider placing your product in their stores. Wow! what a concept! On that day, not only did I make a great deal, but I discovered, a giant food store supports small businesses.

So the moral of this story is to never think any idea isn’t possible. If you never ask, you will never know. Now, John and I can make the best “Momma Lena’s Eggnog Pound Cakes” ever!

                                                           John & Staff enjoying a sampling of Momma Lena’s Eggnog Pound Cake

Don’t forget to place your order!


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