Scored First Radio Interview! Thank you NJBRadio!

Two weeks ago was pretty exciting. The week before Thanksgiving, which was also the week before we launched “Momma Lena’s Eggnog Pound Cake”,  I scored a radio interview with New Jersey Business Radio, an internet based radio show that showcases business owners and individuals who are experts in areas related to the business community. Thanks to Dom Celentano, The Foodpreneur! aka my favorite food advisor, I had another great experience that could never have materialized, if I didn’t pursue this venture. Chris Curran, Host of New Jersey Business Radio did a great job interviewing his guests. Dom, myself, and a gentleman who owned a shoe store in Chester, New Jersey were asked questions about our businesses. I was a little nervous at first, as this would be my first time radio interview.  At first, the clock seemed like it wasn’t moving and I was on my 2nd cup of coffee, since we had to arrive at 7:00 am. I was wondering, how would we be able to get through an entire hour? What would we have to talk about. A shoe guy, a foodpreneur, and a woman who bakes cakes.This should be fun….hmmmm. The show started at 8:00 am. Before we knew it, it was 9:00 am and we were done. Great synergy all around. The shoe guy, the foodpreneur, and the cake lady actually had much in common, since we were entrepreneurs. If you are interested in hearing the interview click here NJBRadio.

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