How to Own It

As I am getting closer to my eggnog pound cake launch, I realize that I am going to need more tools to help me make this a sustaining effort. Although, I have a wonderful food advisor, Dom Celentano, Foodpreneur, I will still have to immerse myself in learning a new craft and that is “How to become a successful entrepreneur in the food arena.”

On November 30th at Rutgers University, Newark Campus, I will have the unique opportunity to start my entrepreneurial studies and meet women entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve success with their creative ideas and unique services at the OWN IT VENTURES Roadshow. This Roadshow has the best of both worlds for any woman entrepreneur looking to meet angel investors, the media, and individuals who are on top of their game in various industries willing to provide advice and consider investing in your dream.

While I currently serve on the Advisory Board for OWN IT VENTURES, the entrepreneurial twist is that Melissa Cloeter, Founder, OWN IT VENTURES has become a personal resource for me, as I seek opportunities to expand Momma Lena’s offerings.

So, I invite you to join me on November 30th, as I begin my journey in thinking bigger!  In addition, I extend an invitation to you to follow Momma Lena’s adventures on twitter @mommalenas.

Don’t forget to place your order!




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