Hello world Momma Lena’s is here!

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Finally, I am happy to publish my first blog. This entire process has been an unexpected, amazing journey! And as my friend said to me one day, so nicely, “You had no choice to do this, because “ALL” the people kept pushing you to do this.” And then I asked her, what people? Since this was just an idea in my head, and only 3 people really knew about these thoughts. Her response, “ALL” the people you interacted with once you mentioned you had an idea about placing your yummy, eggnog pound cakes in a local bakery to see if people would like them, as much as, your friends and clients.

I thought to myself, she’s right! Once I approached my local baker about this idea, and then met with a food consultant, Dom Celentano, foodpreneur, who helped me to think differently about my approach; and after a meeting with my local Shoprite to see if they would sell me the products I needed in bulk for a reasonable price; and after a survey with family and friends about the name for the brand, I was suddenly committed to an idea that now involved more people, than just myself. It involved “ALL” those people my friend was referencing. Holy Cow Batman! I think I started something that I am going to have to finish.

And now, here I am,”Momma Lena’s” off and running! Stay tuned. Please visit us on Facebook and “like” my Momma Lena’s page! And please drop by Marlboro Inn Bake Shoppe in Montclair, New Jersey or Plaza Pastry in Nutley, New Jersey. You will be able to pick up a “Momma Lena’s Eggnog” pound cake. We hope you will enjoy!

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